Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic process of gently administering warm, filtered water to the colon through a sterile tube called a speculum.  This cleansing process removes putrefactive material, impactions, gas, mucous, infectious material and toxins.  It also provides information about the digestive status of the patient.

Colon Hydrotherapy cleanses the tissues at the cellular level and removes toxic debris while enhancing elimination from the colon, liver, kidneys, skin and lymphatics.

Impacted waste material is softened and broken down so it will no longer inhibit assimilation nor elimination.  Once impacted matter is removed and appropriate nutrients replaced, the colon can heal and function as it is intended to.

Colon therapy is typically done in a series of three or more sessions, in fairly close succession (depending on individual need), to restore the tone of the bowel and body memory for self cleansing.

Colon Therapy Rates: Initial Session – $90.  (ask about cash discounts) Includes a thorough assessment to determine health history, pre-existing conditions, indications, contra-indications and if any pre-session therapies may be needed.

Post-session discussion includes: recommendation of follow up sessions, nutritional + lifestyle suggestions and other complementary therapies such as lymphatic massage, castor oil pack application or any of the ayurveda therapies used specifically to soothe, tone, relax or stimulate the viscera, according to individual need.