Alpine Meadow Wellness Centre

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Welcome to Alpine Meadow Wellness Centre where the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda meets the science of modern Wholistic technology.

“A mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size” (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

This quote pretty much sums up what happens at Alpine Meadow Wellness Centre.  Our mission is to continually grow in knowledge and application of a myriad of complementary therapies and practices to expand our own minds – to challenge and inspire us – to be and do the best we can for those we serve.

It really is quite phenomenal that the more you learn, you realize how much more there is to learn.  We are all life time learners.  From that base of lifelong learning, we draw upon the resources we have, to create a bigger picture, larger ideas, expansion which fosters creativity and direction.  It’s impossible to go back.

The combined services offered at Alpine Meadow Wellness Centre have a history of more than 20 years in practice, with continual upgrading to offer a greater range of complementary therapies and combined ideas to meet the needs of you, the whole person – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Our commitment is to our collective health and well being.  Namaste.

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