Massage Therapy

At Alpine Meadow Wellness Centre we integrate a variety of professional therapeutic massage techniques – as stand alone, or combined treatments – depending on individual need or preference.

Whether your need is to relax, reduce muscle tension, or attain relief from a chronic condition, a therapeutic massage from a Registered Massage Therapist can enhance your physical and emotional well being and quality of life.

Regular massage therapy has tremendous benefit for persons of all ages and conditions: those who are injured, ill, undergoing stress, desiring tissue cleansing or general physical maintenance.  The strength of massage therapy in preventing illness or impairment cannot be under stated.

Massage Therapy Offerings and Rates: (ask about cash discounts)

  • Therapeutic Massage for Relaxation, Deep Tissue or General Maintenance

60 minutes/$90  .  90 minutes/$115

Incorporates techniques such as joint mobilization, active release, range of motion stretching, acupressure, muscle energy – according to individual assessment

  • Heated Stone + Pinda Sweda Massage

90 minutes – $150

Melts away muscular aches and tension, stress and anxiety.  Deeply relaxing, warming and rejuvenative massage leaves your skin silky smooth, your mind relaxed and quiet.  Uses warm oil, heated stones, nourishing bolus in an aromatherapy milk decoction.

  • Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

60 minutes/$90  .  90 minutes/$115

Gentle, relaxing technique designed for tissue cleansing; removing excess fluid and cell debris from tissue spaces; detoxifies tissue, tones the skin and stimulates healing.  Often used in combination with castor oil packs to stimulate digestion, softens  scar tissue + cysts + fibroids + fecal impaction; easily penetrates skin due to its molecular weight; is anti-inflammatory + anti-fungal in nature.

  • Indian Head Massage

60 minutes/$85

Rejuvenates scalp; incorporates use of a dosha friendly oil (or can be applied without oil); promotes hair growth and lustre; relieves head, neck, shoulder tension; highly relaxing.

  • Foot Massage + Reflexology

60 minutes/$85

Includes massage of lower leg, ankle, foot; using heated oil, heated stones, warm towels, tuning forks; incorporates techniques drawing from the systems of ayurveda and reflexology.

  • Ayurveda Face Massage + Nasaya Therapy

45 minutes/$85

Includes a light application of ayurveda dosha specific oil, a cleansing facial massage + application of a few drops of herbal medicated oil and facial steam to promote drainage of phlegm, mucous, catarrh and to help relieve sinusitis, headache and congestion.  Brings clarity to sense organs and youthfulness to facial skin.

  • Customized Integrative Massage Combinations:

Indian Head Massage + Foot Massage/Reflexology – $140

Indian Head Massage + Face Massage/Nasaya – $140

Foot Massage/Reflexology + Face Massage/Nasaya – $140

Full Body Massage + Indian Head Massage (or Nasaya) – $160